Free Corporate Event Website

The free corporate event website package is great if all you want to do is provide your guests with a way to register and/or purchase their event ticket online. There are no ads and no hosting fees whatsoever!
You can select a design related to your business or theme of your event and include your company logo on your event web page. You will have access to our great customer support and you will be able to have guests register and sell tickets online without a paypal account or other merchant account.

Your free event website will also be easy to share with guests because it has social media tools built right in to the website.
Free Reunion Website
This package may be perfect for you if your event is just around the corner and you need a fast and simple way to get guests to register and/or purchase their event tickets. If you begin planning several months or even a year in advance, and your goal is to create a strong interest and buzz and attract many attendees to you event, then you may be more interested in the premium package.