Why a Corporate Event Website

Online Registration

Increase attendance with online registration and ticket purchasing capabilities

People prefer and find it easier and more convenient to complete forms online and pay with their credit cards rather than writing a check, buying stamps and having to mail it in. Simplifying the registration and ticket purchasing process makes it simpler for both the organizer and guest leading to an increase in attendance to your events.

Continuously inform and update guests about event details

Every time there is an update, simply send attendees a broadcast emails and direct them to your corporate event website to take whatever action you require; register, RSVP, make a payment, respond to a survey, complete a form, and so much more. Complete details and maps for travelers will be accessible at all times from anywhere. The website will be the central place to share all important information and where guests will find all the answers to their questions.

Update Guests

Payments Online

Easily collect information and payments online

In order to obtain relevant information, you can easily create and customize forms according to the specifics of your event. Collecting information and money is also made easier as well as keeping track of who has registered or bought tickets on your website as all information can be accessed in real time.

Build awareness and interest about your corporate event

You will easily be able to promote your business conference, seminar or workshop using social media with our built in links that allow attendees, colleagues and business associates to easily share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or by email.

Promote your business

Communication Hub

Create a communication hub

Your corporate event website will become a communications hub for all those attending, fostering a community atmosphere. Your business colleagues and associates can interact on your websites message board or blog before and after the event. Guests will also be able to use the Who's Coming page to find out who will be attending the event. You can also learn preferences and gather feedback and opinions by having guests complete an online survey directly on your website.

Save time and money with online registration, RSVP, custom forms and payment

In addition to being your communications hub and marketing tool for your workshop, conference, seminar or meeting, you can also save time and money with your corporate event website. Online registration, custom forms, and online payments, are just some of the features built-in to your reunion website.

Online Registration

Corporate Event Website

Your corporate event will look professional and you will look like a genius

A corporate event website will also make the event planning committee look very professional, and for that you will get extra consideration when people are deciding if they want to attend or not. Moreover the corporate event website will act as a way for people to communicate and share information and opinions even if they cannot make it to the event.

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